High Density Fiber-optic Cannula Array

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  • This High Density 19 Fiber-optic Cannula Array features up to 19 implantable fibers at pre-determined hexagonal pattern with 0.485 mm pitch. It make it possible to build custom optical fiber array pattern to reach specific multi-site brain target.

    High Density Fiber Cannula Array - exploded view

    Proprietary multiple fibers connector allows up to 19 separate optical fibers connection for independent optical recording and/or stimulation. High precision machining and assembly ensure high transmission efficiency. Each fiber core are aligned using high precision receptacle with an orientation guiding pin. The optical fiber patch cord is securely connected to the cannula array using a barrel for easy connection and disconnection.

    High Density 19 optical fibres cannula array is compatible with our standard optogenetics and fiber photometry systems using multiple connector or branching connector on the light source(s). For fiber-photometry, it is particularly well adapted to use with Doric Bundle imaging Fiber-photometry system for multi sites fiber-photometry recordings with minimal impact on animal.

    • Optical fiber protrusion length can be the same or different for each position in the array.
    • Angled and conical tips are offered to facilitate the insertion of the fiber-optic in the tissue.
  • Transmission > 75%
    *tested with 200 µm core - NA0.22 optical fibres
    Optical Fiber
    100 or 200 μm core
    NA 0.66
    Protrusion Length Tolerance +/- 0.1 mm
    Base Dimension
    7.0 x 5.8 mm
    Mass 380 mg
  • High Density FCA DRAWING
    High Density Cannula Pattern Configuration Form