Connectorized LEDs - High Power

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  • Doric Connectorized LEDs - High Power (CLED_HP) couple high brightness LEDs into an FC receptacle compatible with an FC connectorized fiber-optic patch cord and provide up to 300 mW in a 1 mm core diameter 0.63 NA patchcord (about 2x the output power of Doric's regular connectorized LEDs).
    Each CLED_HP includes an EPROM memory enabling its identification by Doric's LED drivers. The wavelength is recognized and the maximum current is automatically set to avoid accidental overdrive. It also features a low-noise fan for active cooling. This is essential to maximize the device's life span and obtain stable performances in terms of output power.
    Each CLED_HP is equipped with a slot for a filter insert. Inserts are available with attenuating filters to reduce laser power (i.e. for photometry applications), or with spectral filters to reduce the spectral bandwidth of the light source. 

    • A micro-USB power supply is included with each Connectorized LED.
    • A Connectorized LED does not include the corresponding LED Driver
  • Optical Fiber Connector FC/PC
    Optical Fiber Type
    50 to 1500 µm core diameter
    NA 0.22 to 0.66
    Optical Power
    see power table
    Max Input Current see power table
    Electrical connection 1 meter long pigtailed cable M8 connector 4 pos - Male
    M8 Pinout - Male
    Dimensions 86 mm x 60 mm x 51 mm without cable,
    Mass 170 grams
  • LED Typical Output Power
    @ Max Current
    [ mW ]

    [ nm ]
    [ nm ]
    [ mA ]
    200 µm
    NA 0.57
    400 µm
    NA 0.57
    960 µm
    NA 0.63
    Current: 2A

    450 ~ 21 1500 12 50 250 x1.25

    475 ~ 24 1500 10
    40 230

    560 ~ 100 1500 10
    40 220 x1.25

    updated 2022-10-28

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    Connectorized LEDs High Power

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