Optoelectric Cannula - multiple electrodes

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  • Our optoelectric cannulas combine an optical fiber for optogenetics and/or photometry with 1 to 16 electrodes for electrophysiology recordings in freely-moving animals. The electrodes are connected via a 18 pins connector to Doric electrophysiology tethered headstage. We offer tungsten wire electrodes with diameter of 25, 35, 50 microns for single unit, multi units or field potential recording. Custom configurations are available upon request, likeĀ the type of electrodes, the number of optical fibers and the dispositionĀ of the optical fibers andĀ electrodes.

  • DESCRIPTION Impedance
    Ā  1x8 linear array of 35 Āµm tungsten wire with 45 deg angled tip Ā 0.2 to 0.8 M single unit and LFP L8-W35-A45
    Ā 50 Āµm tungsten wire with flat tip Ā 0.1 to 0.5 M single unit and LFP W50-FLT
    Ā 50 Āµm tungsten wire with 45 deg angled tip Ā 0.1 to 0.5 M Ā single unit and LFP W50-A45
    Ā 75 Āµm tungsten wire with tapered tip Ā 0.1 M Ā LFP 0.1M-75
    Ā 0.5 M Ā LFP 0.5M-75
    Ā 1.0 M Ā Multi unit 1.0M-75
    Ā 1.5 M Ā Multi unit 1.5M-75
    Ā 2.0 M Ā Single and Multi unit 2.0M-75
    Ā 2.5 M Ā Single and Multi unit 2.5M-75
    Ā 3.0 M Ā Single unit 3.0M-75
    Ā 5.0 M Ā Single unit 5.0M-75
  • Dimensions 9 x 9 x 10 mm
    Mass 0.8 gr
    Connector Omnetics NPD-18-DD-GS connector
    Optical connector 1.25 mm zirconia ferrule
  • Click to download the Application Note

    The light propagation into brain tissue will vary with the optical fiber type and the light source parameters.Ā  It can be visualizedĀ in thisĀ 
    Application NoteĀ (the French version is availableĀ here).

    Description Drawing Code Note
    Flat Tip FLT
    Conical Tip



    Rounded tip thickness: ~0.1x to 0.2x core diameter

    Standard angles: 45Ā°,Ā 60Ā°

    Other angles on request (max 60Ā°)

    Taper Tip TAPERĀ 
  • Drawing

    Optoelectric Cannula - multiple electrodes

    Electrodes Pattern

    Around 250Āµm central fiber-optic

    Around 400Āµm central fiber-optic


    Custom optical fiber and electrode configurations