Optical Fiber Cuffs

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  • Optical Fiber Cuffs are designed to perform optogenetic excitation/inhibition on muscles and/or nerve fibers.  Light and flexible plastic optical fibers terminated with an angled mirror (MA45 tip) allow multiple illumination spots around fibrous tissues. Our design provides a polyimide based cuff composed of two half-cylindrical parts that can surround the muscle or the nerve. At the opposite end, all fibers are bundled into a standard ferrule to allow connection to a patch cord.

    • Complete the ordering code. Use the Optical fiber cuff Request Form PDF to indicate the depth of each optical fiber in the cuff. The depth is the distance from the edge of the cuff to the end of the fiber (± 0.2 mm).
    • Optical fiber proposed is plastic fiber with 240 µm core diameter, NA0.63 that is flexible.  It is possible to use another optical fiber on request.
    • The fiber length is the distance in mm from the connector to the cuff.
  • Optical Fiber Cuffs
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