Doric Fluorescence Detector

Doric Fluorescence Detector
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  • This photodetector system is designed specifically for use in fiber photometry experiments. Its high gain and low noise allow it to detect signals in the sub-picowatt to nanowatt range. When used with a modulated light source and a lock-in amplifier it can detect signals in the femtowatt range. While the detector is normaly integrated into a Fluorescence Mini Cube, it can be used separately with an FC adapter. The photodetector is separated into two parts.

    When the detector is not integrated into the iFMC, the Fluorescence Detector Head is fitted with an FC adapter to connect it to a signal source. The detector uses a specialized shielded cable to connect to the amplifier, keeping noise to a minimum.

    The Fluorescence Detector Amplifier amplifies the signal coming from the detector head and transmits it to a recording system using a¬†BNC¬†output. The amplifier is wall-mounted, and no battery is required.¬†The amplifier has two detection modes (AC/DC), each selectable for all three (1x,¬†10x,¬†100x) amplification levels, allowing 6 different amplification configurations. The DC detection mode is optimal for use with interleaved measurements or during large-bandwidth continuous measurements. The AC detection mode is optimal for lock-in modulation/demodulation and the elimination of low-frequency noise. Its output¬†analog¬†voltage (¬Ī5¬†V) can be monitored with a¬†DAQ¬†board for data recording or an oscilloscope for live signal.


    • The¬†Fluorescence Detector Head and the¬†Fluorescence Detector Amplifier are always shipped together with a¬†Detector Cable.
    • An optional battery pack is available on request for cordless use.
  • Sensitivity - 0.38 A/W @ 550 nm
    - 0.60 A/W @ 960 nm (peak)
    Amplification 3 levels : 1x, 10x, 100x
    Transimpedance gain - 2.0 E09 V / A (1x)
    - 2.0 E10 V / A (10x)
    - 2.0 E11 V / A (100x)
    Conversion gain
    @ 550 nm
    - 0.76 V / nW (1x)
    - 7.60 V / nW (10x)
    - 76.0 V / nW (100x)
    Saturation level
    @ 550 nm
    - 7.2 nW (1x)
    - 0.72 nW (10x)
    - 72 pW (100x)
    NEP < 12 fW/‚ąöHz
    Bandwidth - DC : 0 - 1000 Hz
    - AC : 30 - 1000 Hz
    Electrical interface BNC
    Output Voltage 0.0 to 5.5 V
    Output impedance 50 ő©
    Sensor type Silicon photodiode
    Sensor Area 1 x 1 mm
    Input voltage 12 V DC (power supply included)
  • Doric Fluorescence Detector Amplifier
    Doric Fluorescence Detector Head
    Doric Fluorescence Detector
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