Bundle-imaging Fiber Photometry Cube with Targeted Optogenetics

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  • The Bundle-imaging Fiber Photometry Cube with Targeted Optogenetics (BFTO) enables multi-site measurements through High-density Fiber-optic Patch Cords (HDP). These patch cords are available in either square or hexagonal patterns of 7, 9 or 19 fibers connected to the sample port, allowing combined optogenetics and photometry recording.

    Build-in LEDs combine Isosbestic & Functional GCaMP excitations with Red Fluorophore excitation. Isosbestic and functional fluorescent signals are recorded with the same image sensor by interleaving the excitations. Both the LED driver and the CMOS detector are integrated within the system. The optogenetics stimulation pattern can vary in type, number and emitted wavelengths. For this purpose, a second similar high-density fiber optic patch cord is connected to the optogenetic port and fans out into separate connectors. Then, up to 19 independent optogenetic stimulation inputs can be connected depending on the needs of the experiment (one input per fiber connected to the sample port).
    The BFTO system with targeted optogenetics supports the following fluorophore and opsin combinations:



    Green Fluorophore 
    (GCAMP, dLight)

    Exc 460-490nm / Em 500-540nm

    Red Fluorophore
    (RCAMP, Jrgeco1A, dTomato)

    Exc 555-570nm / Em 580-600nm


    450 nm



    632 nm*

    Simultaneous or Sequential

    Simultaneous or Sequential

    *560/590 on request

    • Wavelength range 350 to 1100 nm
      Field of view Ø3 mm
      Objective NA 0.40
      Maximum number of sites*
      - 7x core 400 µm NA0.37
      - 9x core 400 µm NA0.37
      - 19x core 200 µm NA0.37
      LEDs Excitation Uniformity 80% over FOV
      Optogenetics Excitation Uniformity 65% over FOV
      Optogenetics Crosstalk between fibers >31 dB
      Optical fiber compatibility - Core diameter 200, or 400 µm
      - NA 0.37
      Spectral bandwidth - Excitation #1 : 405-410 or 410-415 nm
      - Excitation #2 : 460-490 nm
      - Excitation #3 : 555-570 nm
      - Emission #1 : 500-540 nm
      - Emission #2 : 580-600 nm
      Optical filter attenuation > OD 5 outside band
      Optical fiber connector HD7, HD9 or HD19
      Dimensions 220mm x 220mm x 59mm
      Type CMOS image sensor
      Resolution 1024x1024 px
      Pixel size

      5.86 µm x 5.86 µm

      Frame rate up to 60 Hz
      Computer interface USB 3.0
      * could be limited by patchcord manufacturing
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      Bundle-imaging Fiber Photometry Cube with Targeted Optogenetics

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      Bundle-imaging Fiber Photometry Cube with Targeted Optogenetics