Fiberless & Wireless (FiWi) Headstage

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  • The FiWi Headstage is an electronic component that connects to a chronically implanted cannula on the head of an animal. Depending on the type of cannula being used, the corresponding headstage can record data from implanted electrodes, control the LED activation, and communicates with an electrophysiology console.

    Opto-Ephys headstage includes a 60 mAh battery, a LED driver, an electrophysiology recording system, and a radio frequency transmitter. Simplified headstage versions with only optical or electrical features are also available. The Opto headstage does not contain an electrophysiology recording system, while the Ephys headstage is without a LED driver. Typically, one headstage is charged while the other is in use. The FiWi Headstage Charger (FiWi_HSC) can recharge the headstage battery in less than 1 hour.

    Optional Dummy Headstage, compatible with all FiWi Cannulas, has the same shape and weight as other FiWi Headstage. Putting the Dummy Headstage on the implanted FiWi Cannula before the experiment helps the habituation of the animal to the functional FiWi Headstage.

  • Battery 60 mAh, 1.2 g
    Sample rate 4 channels at 14.3 KHz
    Transmission range 3 meters (2 meters with 2 simultaneous headstages)
    Continuous operating time (10% duty cycle LED + 4 ephy channels) 1.5 hours
    Dimensions 19 mm x 15 mm x 10 mm
    Mass 2.8 g (including battery) - 2.5 g for FiWi_HS-O
  • Fiberless & Wireless (FiWi) Headstage
    Fiberless and Wireless Optogenetically Synchronized Electrophysiology System
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