Electrophysiology Console

Electrophysiology Console
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  • The EPC Console is an FPGA-based component that controls two-way wireless communication between the computer and the Fi-Wi headstage. The electrophysiological recording parameters and the LED stimulation sequence for optogenetics stimulation patterns are defined in the Doric Neuroscience Studio software and sent to the headstage via the console. The headstage can also be triggered by any external source (optical gate, tracking software, etc.). After the stimulation, the collected data is transferred to the console via RF frequency over up to 5 m.

    The Electrophysiology Console can simultaneously handle up to 2 Fiberless & Wireless Headstages. Each headstage can stream live 4 electrophysiological recording traces. The console and the headstage are in continuous communication, allowing the activation, the cessation, or the modification of the recording and stimulation parameters within 30 ms. The recorded data can be displayed, commented on, saved, and recalled within our software.

    Main features:

    • 2 antennas allowing the control/recording of up to 2 wireless headstages simultaneously
    • 1 Digital communication SPI to record 1 tethered ephys headstage
    • 4 Digital Input/Output TTL via 4 BNC connectors (could be used as triggers)
    • 4 Analog Output 5 V, 16 bits via 4 BNC connectors
    • 4 Analog Input +/- 10 V via 4 BNC connectors
    • USB2 connection to a computer, cable included
    • Compatible with Doric Neuroscience Studio with Fi-Wi interface
    • All software updates 
  • Antennas
       Interface 2x SMA
       RF communication 2.4 GHz - xx band
       Sample rate 14 kSps
    Digital SPI
       Interface HDMI
       Sample rate up to 16 ch @ 14 kSps
    Digital IO
       Interface 4x BNC
       TTL level 5 V
       Sample rate 25 MSps
    Analog Output
       Interface 4x BNC
       Output Voltage ± 4.75 V
       Impedance 6 Ω
       Sample Rate 25 MSps
       DAC Resolution 16 bits
    Analog Input
       Interface 4x BNC
       Input Voltage ± 10.0 V
       Impedance 100 - 124 kΩ
       Sample Rate 0.3, 1.0, 6.0, 12.1 kSps
       ADC Resolution 16 bits
    Dimensions 360 mm x 99 mm x 37 mm
    Mass 800 grams
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      Electrophysiology console