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  • VoluScan™ is a fluorescent mesoscope that enables 1- or 2-color functional imaging of large sample volumes at a cellular resolution.​ VoluScan™ is designed to image fluorescent sensors (like GCaMP, jRGECO, dLight, etc.) in organoids, assembloids, brain slices, and cell cultures, but can also be used to study cell migration, division, or other processes. Furthermore, the system is compatible with Tokai Hit incubation chamber and can synchronize imaging with other systems using external digital triggers. Thus, VoluScan™ pairs readily with Light Sources (for optogenetics or uncaging), electrophysiology recordings, liquid infusion, etc.


    The VoluScan™ has an extensive field of view (up to 5 mm) with subcellular resolution (2 µm), and covers a large depth (up to 1.5 mm). Specifically, the VoluScan™'s multi-plane imaging system enables scanning such volumes at high sampling rates:

    - 4-planes (1-color) at 20 FPS

    - 8 planes (1-color) at 10 FPS


    Each VoluScan system includes a VoluScan's multi-plane disc that determines the number of imaging planes (4 or 8), the z-stack steps, and the total imaging depth. By default, the z-stack increments  are available in 50 µm, 100 µm or 150 µm steps (others on custom request). These discs are interchangeable to fit the needs of different experiments and can be purchased separately.

  • The VoluScan™ system for GCaMP imaging includes:

    • The VoluScan™ system for GCaMP + Red Fluo imaging includes:

      • General properties:
        Field of view
        3.2 mm x 5.0 mm
        Objective NA
        Working distance 5 mm
        Configuration inverted*
        Mechanicals stage travel X: 25 mm
        Y: 25 mm
        Z: 12.5 mm
        Dimensions 210 x 320 x 400 mm
        Computer interface 1x USB2.0 port + 1x USB3.0 port
        Z stack properties
        Number of planes 4, 8
        50, 100 or 150 µm**
        Maximum depth range
        1.5 mm
        CMOS Image Sensor***
        Quantum efficiency
        82% at 520 nm
        Resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels
        Pixel Size 5.86 µm x 5.86 µm
        Spectral bandwidth
        Excitation: 460-490 nm
        Emission: 500-550 nm
        Maximum framerate (full FOV)
        1 plane: 80 FPS
        4 planes: 20 FPS
        8 planes: 10 FPS
        Spectral bandwidth Excitation #1: 400-410 nm or 410-420 nm
        Excitation #2: 555-570 nm

        Emission #1: 500-540 nm
        Emission #2: 580-680 nm
        Maximum framerate (full FOV) 1 plane: 40 FPS
        4 planes: 10 FPS
        8 planes: 5 FPS
        Number of ports
        Input voltage 0 to 5.0 V (Maximum)
        TTL level HI > 3.3 V
        LOW < 1.5 V
        Output voltage TTL 5.0 V (High impedance)
        Output Current max 20 mA per channel
        Maximum sampling rate
        10 kSps
        Maximum output frequency
        5 kHz
        *   compatible with Tokai Hit incubation chamber
        ** other value on custom request
        ***Andor sCMOS on custom request
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