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  • Doric programmable LED Drivers are available in 1-, 2-, and 4-channel versions. When connected to a Connectorized LED with EPROM memory, the LED Driver will recognize the LED wavelength and automatically sets the maximum current value to avoid accidental overdrive.

    In standalone mode, all LED Drivers allow CW operation and external analog modulation through an input BNC connector for each channel. There is also a current monitoring BNC output for each channel, allowing data acquisition or other devices' triggering. When using Doric Neuroscience Studio Software, more advanced operating modes are available such as TTL modulation and software-defined illumination sequences, thus eliminating the need for a function generator. In low-duty cycle pulsed mode, the software allows to overdrive the LED sources if a higher power is needed. For multiple channel driver versions, each channel is controlled independently. Although not mandatory for LED sources, our LED Drivers come with a safety interlock connector and the keylock switch. These safety features are essential for UV and near-infrared LEDs.

    Doric light sources can be controlled using the Doric Neuroscience Studio, allowing more complex forms of light source control than through standalone use.  For example, it is possible to program simple or complex light pulse train sequences and to control their start with an external trigger signal in multiple different ways, see the trigger presentation video.

    If your application requires control of the device with another software, we can provide the API to control from Matlab, Python, or C++, please contact our technical support for more details.

    Note: Supplied AC/DC power supply will fit customer location electrical outlet standard.
  • Operating Modes - OFF
    - Continuous
    - External TTL
    - External Analog
    - Computer (USB)
    TTL Modulation
    HI > 2.8 V
    LOW < 2.3 V
    Analog Modulation 0 - 5 V (400 mA / V)
    Output Current 40 - 2000 mA
    or 4 - 200 mA in low power mode
    * 0.000 mA when OFF or V-IN < 0.1 V
    Max Forward Voltage 7 V
    Rise / Fall time < 10 µsec
    Max modulation frequency 10 kHz
    Electrical connector M8 connector - 4 positions - Female
    M8 pinout


    175 mm x 50 mm x 105 mm (1-ch)
    234 mm x 50 mm x 105 mm (2-ch)
    350 mm x 50 mm x 105 mm (4-ch)

    580 g (1-ch)
    757 g (2-ch)
    1155 g (4-ch)

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    LED Drivers 1 channels

    LED Drivers 2 channels

    LED Drivers 4 channels

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