16 channel Ephys Recording System

16 channel Ephys Recording System
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  • To better understand the brain's functioning, it is necessary to record and analyze the neuronal activity of the group of cells. With extracellular in vivo electrophysiological recordings, it is possible to monitor neuronal activity and measure action potential patterns within many brain areas. However, since the extracellular recording is not neuron-specific, combining electrical recording with optogenetics or fiber photometry by labeling cells with specific opsins or fluorophores can provide needed specificity.

    The basic system for tethered electrophysiology recordings includes :
    This system is designed to use with our Opto-electric Cannulas with multiple electrode, that are designed and built according to each researcher specific needs.  Bilateral optical stimulation and recordings is also possible using and Dual opto-electric Cannulas.

    For recordings in freely-moving animals, a rotary joint with an extension cable is optional:

    Supplementing Ephys recordings with optogenetics or fiber photometry calls for other optical hardware like assisted 1x1 rotary joint, light sources, and fiber-optic patch cords. The EPC console and opto-electric cannula already have the necessary connections and functionalities.