1x1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joints - Connectorized

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  • The 1x1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joint is the simplest and our most popular connectorized rotary joint.

    Its optical system is designed for the visible spectrum and for optical fibers with core diameters of up to 400 µm and numerical apertures of up to 0.5.

    It is mostly used in optogenetics experiments as a part of a fiber-optic tether to a freely behaving lab animal.

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      • 1 1x1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joints

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    • Transmission  > 85%
       *tested with 200 µm core - NA0.22 optical fibres
      Variation in Rotation +/- 3% of the mean
      Optical Fiber Core  62.5 to 400 µm
      Optical Fiber NA  up to 0.50
      Start up torque  < 20 µN·m
      Length  30 mm
      Outer Diameter  17 mm
      Mass  18 g
      Holder  Holder_FRJ_small (Sold separately)
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      1x1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joint

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      1x1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joint