Stereotaxic Cannula Holders

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  • Stereotaxic arm is valued for its positioning precision. However, when it comes to positioning the fiber-optic cannula, some of the precision is lost when attaching or detaching the cannula to/from the arm. To simplify the implantation of the cannula and maintain the precision, we have developed a Stereotaxic Cannula Holder for attaching our cannulas to the stereotaxic arm.

    Notes :
    • An optional adapter of 100 mm long can be added at one end (SIA_5 or SIA_7.9) to modify rod diameter and/or increase rod length.
    • An optional clamp (SCL_7.9) can be used to fix the Stereotaxic Cannula Holder on stereotaxic apparatus using 7.9 mm (5/16'') diameter rods.
    • The SCH_TFC1.8 has been designed to allow implantation of two-ferrule cannula with pitch 1.8 and 2.0 mm.

  • Rod Diameter 6.3 mm
    Length 79 mm
    Mass 1.25 version = 15 grams
    2.50 version = 18 grams

  • Stereotaxic Cannula Holders 1.25
    Stereotaxic Cannula Holders 2.5
    Stereotaxic Cannula Holders TFC1.8