Snap-in Fluorescence Microscope Bodies Model S

Snap-in Fluorescence Microscope Bodies Model S
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  • Surface Snap-in microscope bodies are optimized to image brain structures up to 150 um deep without using invasive implants. As no GRIN lenses are being used, the image quality of these microscopes is higher than the one of deep brain microscopes.
    The long working distance of surface microscopes bodies allows to image brain structures through a chronically implanted glass window. 

    • The ultralight fiberglass jacket is lighter and more flexible, the lightweight metal jacket is more robust but heavier.
    • The standard electrical cable length is 1000 mm. Other values on request (up to 3000 mm).
    • The optical fiber length is adjusted to fit the desired electrical cable length.
    • Every microscope body comes with a protective cap. 

    The following video demonstrates the implantation of a snap-in cannula and the installation of a miniaturized fluorescence microscope (the implantation of surface and deep brain imaging cannulas are similar).



  • Field of view 700 µm x 700 µm (630 pixels x 630 pixels)
    Lens magnification 3.3x
    Objective lens NA 0.5
    Frame rate 45 fps
    Dimensions without cannula & cables (W x L x H) 8.8 mm x 13.9 mm x 16.6 mm
    Mass excluding cannula & cables 2.2 g
    Computer requirements  - Intel Core-i7
     - 16GB RAM
     - Gigabit Ethernet, Jumbo frame compatible
     - Dedicated graphic card
    Fluorescence recording
       Green fluorescence bodies - Excitation 458 / 35 nm
    - Emission 525 / 40 nm
       Red fluorescence bodies - Excitation 540 / 15 nm
    - Emission 609 / 57 nm
    Optogenetic stimulation*
       Green fluorescence bodies - spectral bandwith 612 / 69 nm
    - activation intensity 0 to 55 mW/mm2
       Red fluorescence bodies - spectral bandwith 465 / 20 nm
    *Fluorescence + optogenetic microscopes only
  • Snap-in Fluorescence Microscope Bodies Model S
    Single-color Miniature Fluorescence Microscopy System
      User Manual
    Imaging Cannula Implantation & Single-color Microscope Installation
      Application Note
    GCaMP configuration filter set
      Application Note
    RCaMP2 configuration filter set
      Application Note
    GCaMP/NpHR configuration filter set
      Application Note
    RCaMP/ChR2 configuration filter set
      Application Note