Doric Neuroscience Studio V6

Doric Neuroscience Studio V6
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  • Doric Neuroscience Studio is an intuitive software suite with multiple modalities. It controls Doric hardware and records and analyzes optogenetics, fiber photometry, miniature fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology, and behavior camera experimental data.


    Doric Neuroscience Studio software, with its different modules, controls the following Doric devices:

    • Light sources (LED, Laser Diode, ★LISER™)
    • Fiber Photometry Console
    • Bundle Imaging System
    • Miniature Fluorescence Microscope
    • Electrophysiology Recording Headstage
    • Optogenetics TTL Pulse Generator
    • Behavior Camera


    In addition to controlling those devices, the software contains the following data analysis modules for processing acquired data:

    • Microscopy Image Analysis module (motion correction, ΔF/F, ...)
    • Signal Analysis module (fiber photometry ΔF/F, filters, arithmetics, spike finding, ...)
    • Behavior Analysis module (open-field tracking, motion score, and speed)
    • more details to come soon


    IMPORTANT INFORMATION : Before upgrading from version 5 to version 6 of Doric Neuroscience Studio software, users of Doric Lenses products should read the following information:

    • DNS v6 requires a firmware update of the hardware

    This is done by the user with Doric Maintenance Tool software included in the installation file. While detailed documentation will be added soon, the 'Check for server updates' and 'Update from server' buttons should work fine.


    • DNS v6 saves data into an HDF5 file with the ".doric" extension
    •  Files saved with DNS v6 can be analyzed with its data analyzer modules not available in older versions. HDF5 files can be read with Matlab, Octave, and Python. Code examples are provided to facilitate data analysis with those external applications:
    • MATLAB download
    • OCTAVE  download
    • PYTHON  download
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows 10, 11; 64-bit
    Memory 8 GB RAM minimum
    16 GB RAM recommended
    Processor speed 3 GHz & 8 cores or more
    Hard Drive 2 Go of free hard disk space
    * SSD recommended

  • Doric Neuroscience Studio
      Web Brochure
    Firmware upgrade-downgrade Procedure for Doric Neuroscience Studio v5 and v6
      Application Note
    Doric Neuroscience Studio
      User Manual
    Triggers presentation
    How to Set up the Lock-In config with FMC G1 or G2 and FPC
    How to Set up the Lock-In config with FMC G3 and FPC
    How to Set up the Lock-In config with FMC G3 and NC500
    • Version


      • In this release, there is some modification to the file structure.  The configurations from certain devices may not work properly. In such cases, you will need to create a new configuration.
      • The FPC lockin data structure has been modified. For more information, refer to the dedicated application note (link).
      • USB3.x communication of NC500 and FMD3 systems have been updated. A driver/firmware update of these devices in Doric Maintenance Tool is required prior using with this version of the software.
      • TEC handling improvement for the CeYAG light sources will require a firmware update with Doric Maintenance Tool.

      • Doric Maintenance Tool
      • Behavior Analyzer
      • Doric File Editor
      • Image Analyzer
      • Signal Analyzer

      • Save / Load configuration for multiple devices (preliminary).
      • Add the possibility to generate Events from a DIO signal (in addition to existing keyboard event)
      • Improvement of devices’ connection responsiveness
      • Software and USB-driven devices closing issue.
      • General views and signal previews improvements in the user interface
      • ROI handling improvements.
      • Time series timing.
      • Events loading in signal/image analyzer.

      • Timing issue in some preset configurations.
      • Light source power changes not always updated upon editing.

      [BBC300 (previously BFPD_Gen2)]
      • Device is now called BBC300 by default
      • View blocked during time series
      • Saving/loading events issue
      • Data plot resizing issue
      • Configuration and settings functionalities improvements

      [EPC / FPC]
      • New demodulated locking and interleaved data structure
      • Rre-determined chunk size reduced by factor 10 to reduce the size of short recordings.
      • Configuration/calculation issues when same Aout channels are shared with multiple Ain channels (multiple minicubes configurations)
      • Some configuration parameters resetting following editing in Lockin mode
      • Ephys HS-T16 filtering configuration issue

      • New demodulated locking and interleaved data structure
      • Interface and stability improvements
      • Lockin settings improvements (LockIn LPF frequency now unlocked)
      • Microscope and Ephys. headstages configuration and handling improvements
      • Power meter integration
      • AOut channels recording issue following loading/editing of a configuration

      [Behavior Camera]
      • Configuration loading minor bug fixes

      [Light Sources]
      • Overdrive and low-power mode interface simplification.
      • LISER: Temperature values issue

      • Configuration loading and saving minor bug fixes

      [Doric File Editor]
      • Handle NaN
      • Bug Fix of time reset in some imported data
      • Improve doric file opening and closing,
      • Use new repacking function, repacks file if detects it was corrupted
      • Remove the signal decimation on 2D arrays
      • Defined new namespaces and other file structure improvement

      [Image Analyzer]
      • Fixed loading of converted and imported data

      [Signal Analyzer]
      • Improved photometry dF/F (Added option for discard onset/offset)
      • Fixed loading of events on DIO signals.

      [Doric Maintenance Tool]
      • Support Cypress driver (USB3.x devices)
      • Use IDs (enum) instead of Names (QString) to identify all devices
      • General bug fixes


      New Features :

      • Add the Start All / Stop All control when using multiple Doric devices
      • BFPD and Image Analyzer ROI calculation and coordinate saving improvement.
      • Light Source reduces the channel view height to see 4 channels in 1080 pixels display height.
      • Acquisition of the AERJ motor status (requires a firmware update, and 2 Amp USB port)
      • Help/Priority menu to increase the MS Windows priority of the Doric Neuroscience Studio process and reduce data loss.
      • Modify default configuration for FPC Analog Input lock-in channel

      Bug Fixes :

      • FPC dataset length difference for different Analog Input channels.
      • EPC Tethered system filter settings interface issue.
      • BFPD saves a file with a pre-determined chunk size to facilitate extensive file handling.
      • OTPG, BFPD Time Series index issue with more than 256 series (requires a firmware update).
      • Light Source editing issue with triggered options and loading configuration.
      • Light Source square pulse preview memory leak.
      • LISER source addressing.
      • Block the saving with an incorrect file path or with a file with special characters.
      • General view improvements.


      New Features :

      • New Doric File Editor module, replace the HDF5 Viewer module with more possibility to import, merge and export data with CSV and .doric HDF5 files.
      • NC500 is now fully supported.
      • Doric Behavior Camera's have a new Auto Calibrate button, it replaces the Auto-Gain, Auto-Exposure and White Balance.
      • BFPD and OTPG moved the Time Series function into Global Settings
      Bug Fixes :
      • FPC lockin channels name issue.
      • EPC saved names issue.
      • FPC Improve the X and Y graph zoom behavior without the keyboard.
      • Light sources complex mode issue related to loading of some configurations.
      • New Default name for configuration files.
      • General view improvements.


      New Features :

      • Manual Keypress Event Recording
      • Support of generic webcam video recording as a channel with console, microscope or OTPG
      • Doric Behavior Camera's new calibration function to save a scaling factor with the video
      • FPC new Analog Output mode – Stairs
      • FPC new Analog Output mode – Custom File Sequence
      • Light Sources (LED, laser, LISER) new mode – Custom File Sequence

      Bug Fixes :
      • FPC Detector list drop-down menu
      • FPC – lockin settings, reduces the minimum value of power to 5%
      • FPC – lockin settings, add the possibility to define a new user name in the channel setting interface (was only possible from Graph(s) edit interface)
      • BFPD – Improvement to ROIs calculation to support more ROIs
      • BFPD – Improve the exposure slider response
      • BFPD – Load configuration improvements
      • General improvements related to view, trigger and load configuration